The fascia release treatment can be defined as a highly effective technique able to work between muscles, operating on the aponeurotic fascia that covers them; this massage will release muscles from adhesions, fibrosis and density. This massage is great to release chronic pain and stiffness as long as provide deep relaxation after the treatment.

Fascia release can be considered one of the most requested therapy in the modern physiotherapy.


The modern stress involves the whole organism in the effort to counteract external agents that undermine its stability and balance, involving the central nervous system, endocrine, immune and neurovegetative. Relaxation can be considered as the antagonist of stress and the handy manipulations performed in this massage helps the person to become aware of his body by obtaining a full psychic and physical relaxation.
The relaxing anti-stress massage gradually develops through maximum and enveloping contact, low speed, total communication and a deep mindfulness.


The agonistic activity is characterized by maximal solicitation of the musculoskeletal system that can easily suffer traumatic and pathological situations. One of the best forms of prevention for sports activity is given by the massage; both as regards the preparation phase where the musculature is prepared with elasticizing and vascularizing dexterity and in the recovery phase after the competitive effort with draining and restoring handy manipulations.
As a young sport agonist athete and official football and ski masseur I can guarantee a best in class therapy.


According to the Ayurveda philosophy, born in India 5000 years ago, body and mind are two indissoluble units. Sarvanga Abhyanga massage involves the manipulation of the entire body, from feet to face, operating with refined essential oils. In this massage, manipulation will be emphasized in the most suffering areas of the body, stimulating the inner energy on the chakras. Music therapy, a calm environment with soft lighting and fragrant incense represents important elements utilized in this treatment.


Nowadays we got more sitting jobs, time driving, smartphones, cold, stress; all elements that could impact in our good posture and way to feel, or not to feel, our body. As certified Stott Pilates Instructor and with the valuable experience gained working with Dr. Guerrina Brizzi Physiotherapist, I manage new strategies for muscle and postural recruitment both in manual treatments and through exercises classes; floor routine, elastic tools and universal reformer are the equipments that I use in my classes. In manual therapy I use the Mézières Method approach and breathing techniques to improve your posture.


The Kinesio Taping Method was invented in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase who, driven by the need to find a valid partner for his therapies, created this elastic tape made of 100% cotton fibers. There are various application techniques and therapeutic needs within which the tape can be applied; to underline, a great advantage is being able to step in the acute, chronic and rehabilitative phase on overloaded / contracted or weak / stretched muscles. Low invasiveness and speed of application are other salient features of kinesio-tape.