About me

“We know so little, only the tissues know.”

Rollin E. Becker, Doctor in Osteopathic Medicine

The human body is a magnificent machine, so incredibly complex and ever-changing. I think all aspiring and professional manual therapists out there will agree when I say that ‘Though we marvel at the unique look of this fascinating universe of the body, we always feel we need to know more, that we can do better, and that our best work is yet to be done’.

We, as therapists, should therefore work hard in order to learn the ways in which we can make the tissues talk to us. Only then will we know exactly how and in what form they decide to react within, so that we can create the appropriate response both within and without.

This determined urge to attain more knowledge that is practical in kind, is what has driven me in my own varying personal and professional development ever since I graduated in Massage and Spa Therapy as Head Massager in Hydrotherapeutic Establishments, often referred to as M.C.B., the only Italian E.U. regulated profession within the field of Massotherapy as such by the Ministry of Health in Italy and abroad according to Sanitary Laws n° 1264/27.

My work has lead me to draw from many meaningful collaborations at medical, physiotherapeutic and osteopathic studios, and is as a result characterized by the implementation of the latest techniques.

For one, working as a massotherapist and certified Stott Pilates instructor at the Fisioforma Studio in Bergamo-Milano, meant placing myself in the fields of manual therapy and physiotherapy and under the guidance and supervision of Physical Therapist Dr. Guerrina Brizzi, who subsequently inspired me to develop my practical knowledge of Pilates Reformer and Cadillac rehabilitation methods further.

In addition, my work alongside osteopaths, physiotherapists, reflexologists and Mézières practitioners at Physica Medical Center in Bergamo, enabled me to continually update and improve my performance and own self with the utmost dedication. Those were very insightful years.

During the time spent as a premier football team Sports Massage Therapist, along with the work delivered treating athletes within other sports disciplines, I utilized my skills in manual and physicaltherapy involving electro-medical treatments such as tecar, laser and ultrasound.

To me, as a therapist and individual, a pragmatic approach when solving issues or challenges has often proven to be more successful than an idealistic one. Hands-on learning means determining how to apply a sensible way that is most suitable to handling the conditions that reallyonly exist within each singular patient. Rather than obeying fixed theories, protocols and their simple mechanical application, we should focus on personalizing therapeutic care. Our comprehension of the body and its smallest independently functioning units should become the supporting structure for any clinical decision made. Only then can we cause a significant improvement.

Moving with curiosity and openness towards all types of therapy has widened my perspective and deepened my knowledge of postural care, ayurveda and oriental therapies and all forms of kinesis and muscular training.

Wellness does not merely represent a passion of mine; rather, to me, it has always been a lifestyle. After years of practising competitive sports such as skiing and martial arts, today swimming and climbing as well as pilates, yoga too, contribute to my proper physical state and mental development.

Having great knowledge of the biomechanical workings behind these sports activities has helped me immensely in determining the appropriate clinical response, as well as in reaching the right decisions for and together with my patients.

Knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and pathology.

Passionate about what I do, be it study or work.

Fond of my own creation of a lifestyle.

Being a therapist, within and without. That is what I stand for.